Friday, November 09, 2007

Good Night Sweetheart

The working mom gig is presently in overdrive. Sorry for being out of touch so long.

Tomorrow morning I leave for a business trip for three days.
I just kissed my son good night and told him I'd miss him.

How many moms and dads in the military have done that - will do that? Are having to do that more than once? What about the single parents who are saying goodbye to their kids and leaving them with whoever they can after signing up for the National Guard?

Do people give a fuck about this war and the toll it is taking on these children? Not to mention the children of Iraq?


Michael said...

Sometimes frustration breeds inaction. It's an overwhelming situation.

ellesu said...

I think about it a lot. Last summer at TC, the Jordanian teachers talked about all the children in their country from Iraq. Many of these children have lost their parents and don't want to be in Jordan. They want to go home. They are truly lost children. It is heartbreaking.

When you think of all the displaced people it is overwhelming.

JT said...

i know. my heart breaks for them all, and for the fact that this administration doesn't seem to give an (f-bomb) about anyone else but themselves.