Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What? Me Worry?!

I need to do all this stuff at once

1. Get to cruise control with a big fat promotion and the huge fundraising responsibilities that go with it.

2. Find a new home in a foreign non east village place.

3. Find a new school for Ben maybe in NYC maybe not depending where we live so I have to apply out to four distinctly different schools.

4. Get all our finances in order....and I use that term loosely.

5. Have total responsibility for school drop offs and pick up (for the first time in seven years).

Welcome to the hell that is my life right now. Now you know why my blogging has slowed down to a halt.


Julie Turley, Kingsborough Librarian said...

wow. that's a lot, evi! just one of those things is a major project (yes, even pick-up and drop-off!) I send you my best, and i can't wait to hear what the next chapter in your story will be. it's always so exciting to see people confront change. i think it's what we all want on some level.

Kranki said...

Ooooooh, new school and new home. Very emotionally charged things. I hope you find the perfect combo.

ellesu said...

bless you, my child. I remember living days very similar to those you describe. not fun!

jodi said...

Good Grief!! Here is hoping that you got a few minutes to decompress this weekend, preferably with your feet up and a glass of wine . . .

Linda said...

i dont know how far you are planning to go, but i have some friends that just settled in NJ, and frankly, it's not all as bad as many NYers say. It's quite beautiful in many parts, and they have decent transport to the city. If you don't want to go that suburban, Brooklyn is quite nice :) Though the prices are jumping up on Manhattan's left and right. I've been considering Park Slope and areas around as I now am in need of an office, because the "photo-thing" (I still don't really believe I have the clout to say I am a "photographer") is actually picking up! I am still stunned but it seems to really be happening. I'm busy and people started paying me. Crazy. I'm always in over my head... as we're getting further and further away from the original message I planned to convey... May I just say, I miss reading your blog. Sorry I only drop by every few weeks to catch up, but I do adore it and am sad you are leaving the E.V. We're trying to move back. Looking slowly, Chinatown & the LES too. Hope things are evening out.