Sunday, September 02, 2007

The 2007 Howl Festival

One of the last relics of the East Village that somehow managed to survive gentrification.

But where is Wigstock 2007 to go with it?!!

It's like a eating a cupcake without the frosting.'s like a eating a cupcake without your six inch heels, false eye lashes, sequined miniskirt and Dusty Springfield wig on.

Lady Bunny....say it ain't so!

For more info on the HOWL Festival click:



ellesu said...

Well, reading that makes me miss being up there. Someone was telling me they thought the people in NOLA were 'delicious' and I thought -- that's a good way to describe NYC. Delicious!

Dr. Deb said...

Only in the Big Apple!!!!

I used to live in the Chelsea section - makes me yearn to be back reading this!!!!

JT said...

yeah, i was just looking at their schedule!!! i can't wait! i so heart the howl festival, and this year, they are having an open-air book bazaar in the park.

JT said...

hey, evi, lady bunny was in tompkin's yesterday watching the Jackie Factory show! she wore a mexican sombrero on top of her voluminous wig. Chi Chi Valenti said from the stage, "thanks to lady bunny, for taking time out of her busy, busy, busy, busy schedule to come see us!

"f#ck you!" yelled lady bunny.

"anytime!" chi chi said.