Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sleep Debt

I remember reading that you can't really write off the sleep you've missed. That the lack of sleep builds up somehow in your body and results in sleep debt.

Last night I went to sleep at nine and woke up at seven the next day. I swear I could do that for the next month. I'm afraid to find out what my sleep debt is. Some frightful figure I suppose...probably somewhere around 200 hours in the last six months.


Anonymous said...

zzzzz, whah? Go to sleep.

Kranki said...

This is an interesting post to me because my sleep is so weird and I think about this same thing all the time. I find that I need 10 hours or I am screwed. If I get less then 10 hours I will sleep that extra amount the following day on top of my 10 hours. If I go long term sleep deprived I literally get dizzy, lose my voice and gain weight amongst other strange symptoms. I am insanely jealous of those who can go without sleep and/or don't sleep very much.

Sleep is facinating.

Dr. Deb said...

I can do that too. I actually think it's my winter sleep cycle. Gets so darn dark now so early!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

Could that be one reason why the young and the old(er) seem to require more sleep I wonder?

The young attempting to stockpile a few hours, and the old(er) playing catch-up?


jin said...

I must be

Seriously tho, I can go 6 days/nights straight with 4-5 hours per night (maybe even managing one night in there with 1.5-2 hours) but on day 7 I will end up with one killer headache until I go to sleep...then I can sleep for 15 straight hours w/o moving!

Actually...that's my week this week...Saturday will be day 7. UGH. But I'm not foolish...I close for 2 weeks straight after Saturday! YAY!!!
(Excluding a few New Years orders for my best customers.)

Hope you & your family have a wonderful holiday season evi!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have gotten some more sleep.
Merry Christmas!

JT said...

I think about my sleep debt all the time. I'm actually glad you're body won't let you write it off. That's what I love about nature--it refuses to bend to the rules of accounting.

Now you've inspired me to make an effort to get more sleep.... Just realized I wrote "effort" and "sleep" in the same sentence. Sigh.