Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Please VOTE!

VOTE like your life depended on it.

Because it does!!

And vote for cool people who don't want to make the earth explode or control women's bodies, or take away our civil rights or shed blood for oil.


Anonymous said...

I voted today and hopefully I the guy I chose isn't into subjugating womens bodies, blowing up the earth or killing people for oil.

I hope I was right.

jin said...

I voted too!

the pro-choice, anti-war, marry whomever you want to --jin

(I'm pretty sure I can say all that stuff on your blog & not have you cyberhit me! LOL)

JT said...

I took three children (my two, and one cousin) into the voting booth today and took turns picking up each of them so they could reach the levers and see for themselves how satisfying it is to pull those levers. Of course, they all voted Democrat, and in one case, Green. I love having that much power--they already say "George Bush" with much derision.