Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fuck the Big Apple

When you go away from this place for three weeks, away to a place with no cell phone use, no long distance access and non stop media in your face, it changes you. If only temporarily.

I got back on Sunday. Still relaxed. Still peaceful.

Now I'm surrounded by urban overdrive. I am in complete contradiction to my environment. It feels like being stoned but without the paranoa. I walk down the street, but really I'm floating. Everything around me is going way way too fast to even consider engaging in.

This can't last. Can it?

Is this how it feels to live in Ohio?

It saddens me to realize the level of anxiety, stress and fear that I usually function on from day to day.

Needless Suffering.

Maybe I need to pack up.


jodi said...

I was in NYC for the first time a few years ago and it took days to compress after visiting. I had to conciously make an effort to slow down. The second time up was better.

Kranki said...

Wow! That was some holiday. It ooozed the New Yorker right out of you.

Dr. Deb said...

I am so glad that you were able to fade into nature and your family while away. I know how overwhelming the city is. As I grew older, I kept moving west of NYC. I find I do better without all the stimulation and urban overdrive as you say. I thought I would miss it, but time has shown me that the suburbs suit me better. I guess you will have to find what suits you and your family best too.

jin said...

Wisconsin's really nice & I hear they have this great pastry shoppe.....heeheee!!! ;-)

east village idiot said...

Dear everyone - thanks for your kind words. I really needed your kindness.