Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shock and Awe

Sorry folks. It's difficult to post when violence in the middle east continues to escalate out of control.

Bodies continue to pile up in Iraq. Isn't the number over 2500 troops and over 100,000 civilians? Now Lebanon is decimated with children dying at a faster rate than the Hezbollah militants. People in Israel live in constant fear as well.

Some members of the press suggest that the latest military activity in Lebanon is based on the "clean break" strategy developed several years ago by US neocons and Israeli conservatives. I googled "clean break" cheney and came up with a long list of supporting documents and commentary. I'm not in a position to know if this strategy is in fact being used as a blue print or not...but there are similarities and it scares me.

How long before someone makes a statement here?


jodi said...

I know that Israel is strong but are they strong enough for that?

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I fully admit to being completely gobsmacked by all of this...and though it may make me sound...stupid with a capital "S", I am absolutely bewildered anymore about war and why everyone just can't MAKE NICE. I'm not a naive woman...but I am starting to feel on overload with the news these days.


east village idiot said...

Jar - I don't know. The situation is so complex. On one side - negotiations never seem to last but on the other side - hasn't the bombing deaths of innocent people in lebanon served as a recruitment/propaganda tool for the factions working against Israel?

I guess I don't understand how this strategy leads to peace. But then I don't have any solutions either.

Hannah - I'm right with you. I find the news overwhelming and chaos abounds. It just feels like the days of United States serving as an empire-like force are coming to an end. We are no longer above it all.