Saturday, August 19, 2006

By the Sea

We spent four hours at Longnook Beach today. It's a wild beach. Huge dunes and untamed waves. Everywhere you turned there were seals, blue fish, minnows - - and they had no intention of leaving because of a few freckled nude and semi nude humans.

Ben asked us what animal we would be if we couldn't be human. We were mulling that one over when he said "there's no way I'd ever be a butterfly". I asked why and he said "because butterflies don't ever know their mommies". He has no idea what those words meant to me.

Brian spends most of his time in the ocean. Swimming out too far, weaving through the waves with the slickness of a seal. He is so happy in the water. Out there all by himself. He stays out so long that I finally got him to wear a thermal swim shirt and shorts. It's pretty clear that he's just visiting us here on dry land. His heart is lost somewhere in the Atlantic.


ellesu said...

Ahhhh! It sounds glorious. I have never been to northern beaches, but I will -- someday.

Have a wonderful time!

Kranki said...

Sounds like a great holiday so far. Keep on having a great time.

jodi said...

What - no mice? :-) It sounds wonderful and relaxing. Enjoy.

Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

OMIGOSH...Those last two paragraphs are "idea" and prose.