Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow Job

By now most of the country has heard that NYC had its biggest snow storm on record.

Twenty-six inches of snow fell on Central Park.

We certainly did get tons of snow. It was and is a beautiful sight to behold. I love how snow storms quiet the city down...especially at night.

I was amazed at how well the city handled the weather. Streets were ploughed and there were no disasters to speak of. As a matter of fact, everything was so dam manageable that I began to silently wonder whether it actually snowed as much as they said it did.

I was listening to the radio this evening while baking cookies for my son's school lunches...yes..I am a dork. I nearly burst out laughing when they aired a feature that was composed of New Yorkers openly rejecting the fact that it was a record breaking snow fall.

Sample: "Look...I'm not saying it didn't snow 26 inches in Central Park but it sure as heck didn't here in the middle of the street in Brooklyn...maybe 18 inches tops."

I love New York.


xcavedog said...

I think that you have hit on something important. Everyone wanted it to be the biggest storm ever, but it certainly wasn't worse than '96. In 1996, work and schools were closed for 2 days (believe me, I remember, I was temping). The problem is that the "biggest" is given equivalence to "worst." This is a mistake. Take my hair for instance.

Happy Valentine's Day East Village Idiot.

Von Krankipantzen said...

The city must look magical.

jeni said...

everytime something big in new york happens, i miss it! during the transit strike i flew back from work right after it ended, and now with this snowstorm i couldn't even fly back to enjoy this city in snow. i'm sure it was gorgeous though. can you believe the weather today? i jogged along the east river all the way down to the brooklyn bridge - it was gorgeous. i love this city too :) although i might be loving it a little less tomorrow (it's supposed to rain)

btw - tagged ya :)