Saturday, April 25, 2009

So Here I Sit in My Big Ass Apartment-To-Be.....

I'm glad we started renting this place in March and OCCASIONALLY sleep here on a weekend night because otherwise I would be in friggin culture and sensory shock when the full move happened.

I am sitting in my bedroom-to-be with three large windows open and it is perfectly quiet except for the cars passing by periodically. My husband and son are playing guitar in the living room-to-be. I can't see them and I hear a distance.

This is so odd and scary. To call their names and to not be heard immediately.

Toto -- we're not in the East Village anymore. At least not tonight. My bedroom has a bathroom attached to it. What am I doing with two bathrooms? Maybe I should sublet one.

My dog Saki is staying close by me and wondering where the hell we are too.

My bedroom window faces the side of a beautiful stone church. Who in this town is a friggin Baptist? I can assure you, I'll be doing some research into that question as soon as I'm settled in during the Fall.

Please God -- let me know that we're doing the right thing living here for three years....not that I'm already counting.


Anonymous said...

The 3 years will be a blink. The transition will seem weird for longer. This is going to sharpen your insight, observation and skill: I look forward to reading about it!

east village idiot said...

Who paid you to write this post!? I want names!

Anonymous said...

You're funny. I just moved from NYC, too. The stone church sounds so cool.

In Newark, NJ, all of the synagogues are now Baptist churches.

Perfect Girl ("anonymous"--forgot to sign the other day)

Dr. Deb said...

Aw, change is hard. But slowly settling in is gonna do great things, just as you've said. You will all find your way and do great in your new place. And yes, bring us up to date and you go about research things ;)

ellesu said...


Just watch out for that second bathroom. You won't be able to easily go back to just one bath. I found an apt in Clinton/Hell's Kitchen with one and 1/2 baths (plus a washer and dryer) when we took two of our kids up your way. If we'd taken all four kids -- we'd have needed to rent a house. I CANNOT imagine us all in such close quarters. (I don't think we'd make it....)

Enjoy....and, if you need any help with those Baptists, let me know. :)

jodi said...

This post makes me smile every time that I read it.

Just don't fall into the trap of getting more stuff for your bigger apartment. It can be insidious the way that it creeps up on you.

Writermama said...

wait a minute. where the hell are you??