Friday, June 27, 2008

The Blind Leading The Blind

Today I was coming home on the L train when I noticed a young woman beside me playing solitaire on her ipod or something that looked like an ipod.

I'm sorry but how the hell do people play card games, video games, watch movies and read the friggin newspaper on screens that are essentially two inches high and three inches wide?? Why put yourself through that hell? I'd rather daydream.

Why would I watch a movie or t.v. show on a screen as small as the palm of my hand - - or smaller? It just amazes me how much time people spend on their technology. It frequently seems like communication that is less about content and more about technology.

Just tons of noise and visuals being pumped into our eyes and ears non stop.


Writermama said...

I agree, but it still would be fun to download some music and take it with me. A girl can dream, can't she? I still don't have an Ipod.

Terry B said...

I love my iPod for music, but I'm with you--I don't need constant virtual stimuli, least of all on a tiny screen. And when I'm in New York, the real world is so endlessly fascinating, I don't even need the distraction of music on my iPod.

Same with cell phones. I don't need to watch TV on mine or read my email. I just need a phone. I stopped in at Sprint to pay my bill the other day and was told that I qualified for a new phone--had for some time now. I said no thanks. My current phone has no camera, no big honkin' keypad. It makes and receives calls, takes messages and, if necessary, will text. That's plenty.

OHN said...

Does anybody read any more?

jar said...

Husband got a cell phone today and I got an upgrade as mine was acting a little off. It's hard to find a basic phone. It seems that I must want to take photos while I talk, listen to music and do 20 other things.

I did get an ipod for Christmas and S2 still is helping me figure it out. I loved it on the plane ride as I had downloaded some books on tape. That came in handy.

Claudia said...

My husband does that. Downloads movies and watches them on the boat over to work every morning. He loves it, does not seem to bother him, but no way could I do it. Music yes, movies no. Too small, you are right. AND you are correct, we spend too much time plugged in, that is why in the summer my rule is outside. Go out and stay out. The end.

Deb said...

I'm with you on that. I like to people watch, day dream, take in nature or whatever is in front of me, etc. I don't use my cell phone except for emergencies. So I've used it like three time this past year. And it is never on. I do have an ipod, but I link it up to speakers and play it at parties and when working out.

I find technology fascinating, but also believe it makes us less connected at the same time.