Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Sometimes I miss it there.

I know I'm a hard core New Yorker at heart but Cambridge will always feel like my first great love. New York Times articles like this one - discussing the commonwealth's attempt at universal healthcare for all of its citizens makes me nostalgic for a place that doesn't get lost in celebrity gossip, Wall Street, shopping and

Why do they recognize gay marriage and we don't?


ellesu said...

Don't you just love a place where you can share ideas (REAL ideas - ideas that matter)? Isn't it satisfying to live around those who are striving to make things better for everyone?

I love it when I find a place like that. One where I can say things I feel are important and not be looked at like I'm from Mars (or Michigan). :) So many people around me try so hard to protect what they have - even though it doesn't make them or those they love happy. Oh, well!

It was such fun reading about your Ben's birthday. :) Y'all are making some wonderful memories in the East Village. It must be painful to even think about leaving. I hope you don't have to.

I think big cities need good people. That was one of the things I think happened to New Orleans. Too many good people found it too hard to live there. Just as I'm finding it becoming too hard to live where I am. Things start adding up.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Massachusetts is the Spring is especially beautiful!

east village idiot said...

ellesu- thank you for such a nice message. yes, it is important to live in a community of openess with at least some level of commitment to a common good. I guess I make a deal out of Ben's birthday because I feel so grateful to have a child - one that I get along with so well. of course the teen years haven't arrived yet...

dr. deb - Massachusetts is beautiful in the spring - but having lived there for 18 years - i have to tell you that it's still winter there until memorial day!

~Deb said...

They recognize gay marriages because they are flooded with gays. (ha) My girlfriend (partner of 12 yrs) and I go to Provincetown, MA every year. It's a huge gay mecca--you probably know of since you love Mass.... But it's more of that New England air that gets people happy- non-judgmental and out of that ~politcal loop~ of hating hypocrites. It's like a different world; that's why we go there.

On another note, you can't help but take in the beauty that Mass has to offer. The Cape is my favorite--- but places like Gt Barrington and surrounding cities are awesome. Can't forget about Boston too! :)